Vote for your favourite Yuletide tune and we'll sing it with you
On Friday 8th December 2017 @ 19.00
@ The Cutty Sark Pub, Ballast Quay, Royal Greenwich
We'll be raising money for Singing for Syrians
Helping children in Syria
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Vote for your favourite Yuletide tune or Christmas Carol - here are some we like - or why not choose one of your own? There's a space after this to do just that.

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We look forward
to Raising the Roof at our Singing for Syrians event.
Last year, £140k was raised at one hundred of these events.
The money goes to help the Hands Up Foundation to support projects including a health clinic in Aleppo, a school near Homs, and a clinic providing prosthetic limbs. You can find out more and donate @

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